For Jeremy

Early this week saw the passing of an amazing spirit through unfortunate circumstance.

Jeremy Earnshaw was one of the coolest and most charismatic people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Jeremy worked with Youth With A Mission here in Newcastle, mainly at their café and with their skate teams and was an amazing young gentlemen who I was fortunate enough to get to know and become friends with through the comic shop I work at and through comics in general. I say friends as he was so much more than just an average regular customer and that fact hit me pretty hard today when I opened the shop to an extremely overwhelming wall of silence. I absolutely loved seeing Jeremy and his lovely girlfriend Christina every Friday afternoon and/or Saturday morning when I opened the shop, and just talking comics or whatever else popped up.

Jeremy hasn't left my thoughts all this week and I have been turning over and over in my mind what I could do for him, to repay him for all the awesome memories he has left with both myself and my good friend and fellow comic shop guy James. Early this morning, standing out the back of the empty shop drying my eyes, the pieces all fell into place for me.

He was a big Avengers fan, loved them, was loving all the twists and turns of Secret Invasion and I'm told he "nearly peed his pants" when they hinted towards an Avengers movie in Hulk and of course Iron Man before it.

Therefore as but a small repayment for all the good memories he has left with both myself and James, this weeks jam on the SatelliteSoda forums is all about the Avengers and completely dedicated to Jeremy.

So head on over, check it out and spread the word to make this the most awesome jam EVER for Jeremy.

Peace, love and respect.