Here is a page from a five page story that will, like Scummy, see print in Popgun Volume Two. Which, for those who missed it, features a very sexy cover by Paul Pope of THB fame.

The line art for the page below is by Brandon Graham. I've admired Brandon's work for years now, I think the first thing of his that really grabbed me was a Wizards pic, as in Ralph Bakshi's Wizards or as some people refer to it, "War Wizards". Until that point in time I did not think anyone else had actually heard of Wizards. So seeing a very nicely illustrated picture of Avatar and Elinore (think thats her name), of Wizards fame, had a very big impact on me, and sucked me right into checking out the rest of Brandon's work.

It was very cool to be given the opportunity to color Sputz and a pleasure to get to read it before everyone else.

art : Brandon Graham
colors : Dylan