Captain Atom

With what has seemed like a relentless year of project after project, I've decided to take a break to spend more time with my family and just chill out. My son turns five tomorrow, my beautiful girlfriend also finishes up her final med exam for the year tomorrow and our second child is due in less then three weeks. Its all happening. If I did not take a break I was bound to snap.

Aside from spending time with my wonderful little family, this break has also lead to me reading ridiculous numbers of comics on Mondays while having the house to myself. Monday past I decided to dig out some old comic boxes in the garage and came across some Strange Tales issues, by Ditko and Steranko, that I picked up at a garage sale back in high school. Finding these resulted in me having a more than slight Ditko high for the remainder of the day. If you can, I recommend getting your hands on Ditko's Dr. Strange work.

The Ditko high lead to me raiding Kris' blog for pics of Ditko created characters which I saw on there earlier in the year. Though created by Steve Ditko, the design below is actually by Pat Broderick and is one of my fav character designs ever. I needed a fix and need to keep the coloring skills up to snuff, so I colored it up quickly tonight. Messing with a new palette of color once again as well.

line art : Kris Anka
colors : Dylan