The Question

Another Ditko created character.

Became a big fan of the Question with his appearances in Justice League Unlimited and 52. A seemingly-paranoid, unfriendly, no-nonsense investigator who has little time for anything other than the pursuit of truth. A Zen-like Batman with a Spirit inspired costume. An amazing character who would go on to inspire Alan Moore's Rorschach of Watchmen fame.

My fav Question story is "Wild Geese", which takes place in Justice League Unlimited #36.

The story has the Justice League not only disbelieve, but openly mock, his paranoid theories and purposely lead him off the trail to keep him out of their way. Every urban legend, every ridiculous story from around the world play a part in the Question's investigation, leading to a shocking final revelation. It's a lot of fun to read even if you see the end coming.

line art : Kris Anka
colors : Dylan